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Goals & Thoughts


When you start a new project, it often happens that during the following Implementation is already collecting ideas for further and possible continuations or you notice that it is precisely in the “doing”-and “Becoming” project perhaps just the Anbeginning or is part of a large project.

If I should give someone a tip, how to approach the “now” and the “future” could, these thoughts come to mind:


• Write down as much as possible, no matter where, PC, notebook, paperl, the main thing is to note down, who doesn't likes to write > voice recorder

• I hate theory, but planning and a concept help you, not the Faden to lose

• Plan and organize your time

• Get rid of as much as possible at the beginning, you will thank yourself in the end

• Note Every idea, no matter how small, even crazy ones, sometimes you can do it later use or prove to be groundbreaking

• Think big and have visions, work persistently on small scales

• Trust your “gut” and your inner intuition when it feels good, iis it also the right thing

• Be persistent, some things take time or “their” time

• Be thankful! Thank your gifts and strengths, they are gifts to you, be grateful for help and all the people you meet and encounter, be grateful that you are part of this creation and try to be kind to all living be.


What could the following be?for Be “The 5 Elements”?

• Use of the symphony as film music

• Of course, every musician would be happy to have his work physically available in the form of a CD in the Being able to hold your hand

• Mwith the “source material”, the recorded symphony with a real guitar and the VST-instruments, offers Now start looking for a label and music publisher

• Finding a real orchestra, rehearsing it, setting it upplaying in the recording studio, Planning, preparation for productions

• live-Performances with orchestra

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