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Fire element


Dance performance -Nina Duss & Daniel Kapfinger • “Birds” - Andreas Roempke •Recording studio Florian Speth


Nina Duss and Daniel Kapfinger present an improvised dance performance to the piece "Birds".


Music is vibration, vibration is movement, movement creates sounds, sounds form music.Here the actors and the music become one, what is heard is felt and immediately translated into forms and emotions, making the music visible and tangible with the eyes.


Nina Duss, who was born in Switzerland, completed her Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in theater education in Lucerne in 2017 and is now doing her final year in acting at the Bavarian Academy of Performing Arts in Regensburg. Also at the AdK Regensburg is Daniel Kapfinger, who was born in Tyrol. His passion for theater became a profession and led him to major in acting, which he is graduating with this year.

Both share their love of acting and dance, which they brought to Switzerland and Austria via youth clubs and amateur theater stages.Regensburg led. Music and movement play essential roles in their lives, be it as a leisure activity or as a hand tool for their lives.Profession. Both will complete their training in June 2022 before embarking on their own individual paths as artists.

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