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The project


Normally, for a feature film or television film, the music is added in post-production, but sometimes the composer is

also involved relatively early in the filmmaking and directing work.

Here we would like to go the opposite way: the (film) music looks for the film.

The guitarist Andreas Roempke was able to start his composition project through a scholarship program from the collecting society GVL in “Neustart Kultur”.The 5 Eelements realize. Within 4 months the completion of a Solo concertit for classic Guitar and orchestra. In the first version of the 5th-sentencessymphony, which lasts approximately 32 minutes Promise sound experience, come 11 different instruments or votes for usein the expansionthe harp still appears here, stand The listener has around 42 minutes of music available. Not only was it composed and arranged, at the same time and in parallel the guitar parts were recorded live and freely in the recording studio and the orchestral voices were added in an innovative process, which made the musical  The result stands out from “normal” recording procedures due to its liveliness and authenticity. 

Here on this website we would like to introduce you to the “soundtrack” and let you immerse yourself a little bit in the world of the 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Embark on dreamlike melodic paths and visit enchanted and mystical sound places and listen to the sounds of the guitar, flute, cellos and many more.

We invite you, the filmmaker and art and documentary filmmaker but also the listener yourself, the artist, dancer, actor, musician, choreographer, photographer, sand painter, cymatician, poet, graphic artist, web designer, student and all creative minds, to be inspired and we look forward to fruitful ideas and an exchange with you.

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