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The composer



Andreas Roempke was 1967 in the “northernmost city in Italy” in Regensburg born

For him compositions are often as it were Gifts, the waiting to be opened become. Sometimes they show up quickly and unexpectedlyMsometimes it takes longer, combined with a joyful expectation of what is hidden and can be discovered.

Layer by layer become colorful sounds, intricate melodies, dreamy moments and images exposed and converted to new or always there past ways. His inspirations come from peace and nature, Antoinde Saint-Exupery has it

once apt in one sentence fphrased: “Because only in silence can everyone's truth be revealed.Set fruit and take root.”


His musical journeys took him to the first years through the classicalAls teenager came Blues and Rock added. After a few detours studyhe said later iMusic College Regensburg. Since then he has been teaching freelance.and was until before recently as lead guitarist for more than 35 Folk rock-Songs responsible. The classical guitar almost always stayed at its, except for a self-imposed period of break, which for him felt like the loss ones part of his “I” afelt.

In November 2018 he released his first album “Inspirations” with 13 Original compositions for classical guitarIn 2020, work began on a new chapter with the first arrangements with orchestral formations. To get the sound the guitar and his own To explore articulation, he goes here and experimented with individually played tones for six months.

What could be the goal of every artist? Albert Ayler will quote the following from the year Added in 1965wrote:

It is late become for the world. And if it me succeeds, people to new Levels des peace and des understanding to raise, so think

I, theress my Life as spiritual Artist worth living been is."

Andreas Roempke also tries to take the listener on his journey with “his” works.accompany. Sometimes the feeling creeps up on him,

not so much to be the author of what was noted, but quasimore to act like a medium that only has to reach up to be able to do that Write down existing ones. A feeling that fills him with deep gratitude share in universal creation.

Impressions from the album "Inspirations":

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