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Sometimes, you could meet a person who would change your life.  It could be a family member, a teachers, or a newfound friend.   We meet these people because life is usually full of positive and negative things.  As for me, my life was full of negative things as I was stubborn, a spoiled brat, and also cheating and sleeping in class.  But when it came to Angelica, my close friend, she was different, and she is the most important person in my life.

She changed me from a stubborn person into a flexible person and showed me how to be patient for the potential good life I could have.  We have been friends for 15 years until now. We first met in primary school.  While I was merrily cheating, she told the teacher that, and I had to get a punishment. At that time, I hated her so much, and I thought she looked like a monster.

Afterward, she gave me an apology and promised to offer me a snack.  Angelica was sometimes arrogant, but clever like a fox. She was thin with tan skin and dark hair.  She usually wore cute clothes which were trendy and fashionable.  She seemed to be a bookworm as she enjoyed reading books.  She spent a lot of time reading books in the library, and I enjoyed being with her sincerely.

During a class, she was the most dignified student.  The teacher always asked her to get to the board and explain the lesson for us.  She got an A in the quiz every month.  Thanks to her, I have read a lot of books as well, paid attention in class, and stopped cheating in the quizzes.  At last, I was a bookworm and got an A also.  At that moment, I totally knew that we would be able to be close friends with each other forever. Thereafter, we spent a lot of time playing together.  She had a fantastic sense of humor, so she would always make me laugh.

On top of that, she was a little bit mature.  Sometimes, she acted like my parent. She taught me everything in the same way my parent did.  It really made me feel warmer while we were together.  She encouraged me to study hard and supported me while I was falling down.  Because I was absolutely stupid, I didn’t know how much energy she needed whenever she tried to explain to me some lesson.  I confess that I was so immature that sometimes I couldn’t control my emotion very well. However, she never let me down. Whenever I was beside myself, she stood watching by me without saying a word.  And then, if I could control myself and apologize to her, she said “tolerance” is something that I must learn and keep in mind.  Even now, I am still trying to be a tolerant person.

I couldn’t forget her and I believed that her influence was something I would carry with me for the rest of my life.  She taught me so many things about studying hard and enjoying life. I know that I will face many new challenges in the future. But I also know that if I did not become her friend or if she did not tell the teacher that I was cheating, I would not be able to have a this kind of life I have now.

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  • Rosdom J. Capellan

    Enemy makes you strive more to be ta good person.

  • Mike Rowland-Aiep

    i thought “frenemy” was someone who pretends to be your friend, but is actually an enemy … ? Or am I wrong? Please clarify. I don’t watch ‘Glee’.

    • Reggie Meriales Aiep

      I don’t think Glee coined that. The first time I heard this word was in Jimmy Fallon’s show. 🙂 I’ve always understood the word as someone who’s initially your friend but sometimes your enemy.

  • Edmond Apolo-Aiep

    Enemies for me is not an enemy but for me, they are the one who will change you for good and will also have an opportunity to learn from them.

    • Liz Orale Aiep

      Frenemies teach us something valuable, they teach us how to be more proud of ourselves, how to be better in arguments and discussions, how to respect people more, change your flaws, how to stay strong, and how to know person before judging them. It’s a typical thing, and these things are bound to happen. So love your frenemies! LOL! 😉

  • Liz Orale Aiep

    I think we’ve all experienced some good friends and some bad friends, too. But the whole point is they both give you an experience you’ll cherish as one of the greatest lessons in your life. So when you encounter the same thing with other people, it makes you wiser enough to deal with any situation because you had the best role model who taught you that. Good read! 😉

  • Wyn Inocentes-Aiep

    Most of the time, when we argue with people who usually disagree with us, we become better people. We learn new ideas from them and challenge whether we really know what we believe. Then we become wiser with life.

  • Raed Raeis Bin Mahfuth

    The enemy friend make you have no trust and carefully person to anyone.

  • Moose Alamoudi

    Everyone meets different people everyday. People come and go in your life and sometimes you won’t know who is true to you or not. So it’s best to always be kind and friendly, but when the hardest time of your life comes, then you’ll know who is true to you. Mistakes are lessons, not regrets.

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