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Looking for a new craze? BUGONG is the one


photoHave you ever had a taste of something new that made you say “this is my new favorite!” Or have you ever eaten in a restaurant with great ambiance combined with affordable prices? Well, today I am going to introduce BUGONG to you and why it should be the new craze.

As mentioned in their website, Bugong started as a dream of two Filipinos — Ding Hernandez and Jerry Erguiza — to create an alternative, delicious, and healthy food that is unlike anything that is on the market. After months of trial and error, they were able to create a unique taste of a chicken recipe using 18 secret herbs and spices. And they were true to themselves for they created a recipe without using MSG and artificial flavors.

In 1999, they started as a small take-out shop located in Vega Center, UP Los Banos, Laguna. Success followed shortly after the opening because of their extraordinary tasting recipes, dedicated staff, and loyal customers. In 2012, they were able to open their first fast-casual dining restaurant inside the Vega Center as well. Today, Bugong has 3 take-out shops and 2 fast-casual dining restaurants ready to serve the Filipino community and give them the satisfaction they want. I first encountered Bugong when I was studying in UP Los Banos back in 2009, and I was enticed by one of their meals which included a quarter chicken, fresh Asian noodles, garlic rice, and gravy. At times I would  still order extra gravy because their gravy tastes so good. I took the risk of ordering from their take-out shop and said to myself “Maybe this will taste good.” And you might ask why I said it was a “risk” for me to order it. Well, it’s mainly because there are other well-known fast-food restaurants in the area where Bugong is located that have been around for ages with excellent food choices as well. So after ordering, I took my take-out meal back to my dormitory and ate while watching a movie. As I was eating, all I could say to myself was, “This is my new favorite!” True enough, I found myself ordering my meal, if not always, from time to time whenever I crave for delicious chicken and pasta. As the Chinese proverb goes, “Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it.” The proprietors of Bugong must have known all along that what they dreamed of making was already achieved by their competitors a long time ago. That is to create a distinct taste of chicken that will be loved by many. But it did not stop them. They believed in their selves that they could do better and that they could offer Filipino people better tasting chicken and other recipes that are healthy and extraordinary.

BugongBugong take-out shops and fast-dining restaurants offer great ambiance and a friendly staff. Well, this could be explained in the simplest sense, who would not want to eat in a restaurant with a good ambiance, comfortable seats, air conditioned rooms, clean surrounding, and a smiling staff? I guess the answer should be NOBODY, right? Oh well, for me, I love Bugong. I would bugong (1)want to eat in a restaurant where there is a cushion on my seat because it is comfortable for my bum and I would like to be welcomed by staff who will smile at me and who would seem as if they are not tired from working or even hungry if it is 12 in the afternoon. If the staff of a restaurant will not even smile at me, it does not really give off a good vibe, let alone eating the food they serve because they might have spit on it.

4449233980_1fc6b6e14aBugwpid-20120818_182314ong’s dishes are affordable. There are light meals with roast chicken and pasta for only PhP75, rice meals with BBQ for PhP68, noodles and pasta from PhP72 to PhP82 and much more. However, for my favorite meal which include roast chicken, pasta, rice and gravy it costs PhP110 to PhP148. For those who love rice, you mwpid-20120818_182412ay select from three different flavored rice and add it to the meal you ordered for only PhP10.






wpid-20120818_182332Bugong’s dishes are healthy and delicious. Th proprietors of Bugong dreamt of creating dishes without using MSG and artificial flavors. For people who restrict themselves with the food they eat because they are not allowed to eat much due to some medical condition or because they simply do not want to ingest too much MSG, Bugong is the place for them. Not only is it delicious, it is also healthy. What more would you want? Do try Bugong now!

So today I have introduced Bugong to you and why it should be the new craze. First, Bugong take-out shops and fast-dining restaurants offer great ambiance and a friendly staff. Second, Bugong’s menu choices are affordable. And lastly, Bugong’s dishes are healthy and enjoyable. I would want to eat in a restaurant where I could enjoy eating whatever I want without worrying about the chemicals that are used in cooking the food. I do recommend that you try eating in Bugong so you will know what delicious and healthy food taste like.

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