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Italian food is very delicious


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In Italy, the food  is very good, and there are many kinds food.  The most common food in Italy is pizza.  Usually, you eat pizza in the evening because at lunch, the chef does not cook it.

There are many types of pizza: margherita, capricciosa, marinara, napoletana, quattro formaggi, and in every pizza, there are different toppings or ingredients.  For example, in the pizza margherita, there are only mozzarella chesee, tomato, and basil, and unlike the Philipine pizza , the Italian’s  pizza is only salty, and in fact, the first ingredient for pizza is tomato, but there are other toppings such as fish, salad, ham, potato, sausage, and more, but the principal ingredient is tomato because when it does not has tomato, the pizza is not good.  But this is only in a regular resturant.  In a pizzeria, a shop only for pizzas, there are many types of pizza with some ingredients.  My favorite pizza are margherita, diavola, and quattro formaggi (four cheese).

One other common food in Italy is pasta.  Pasta is a favorite Italian food, and all Italian people eat pasta.  In fact, many people in Italy are fat because the people’s first job is eating.  There are many types of pasta and many ingredients as well.  But unlike pizza, pasta can have all kinds of ingredients that goes well with it such as mussels ,tomato, and pesto.  My favorite pastas are carbonara, amatriciana with mussels.

Image Source: Google Images

Image Source: Google Images

Pasta can be mixed in soup, can be prepared with meat, can be cooked with vegetables, and this food is very popular all over the world.  For example, I see so many restaurants here in the Philippines that serves pasta.  But the real Italian pasta is carbonara and amatriciana. These have meat but carbonara has meat but no tomato, and amatriciana has meat with tomato.  Pasta can have different types: penne, bucatini, farfalle, and in the market, the common factory of pasta is Barilla.

In every lunch or dinner in a restaurant, there is dessert.  The Italian people like salty food and sweet food, such as tiramisu and creme caramel.  These are the popular food in my country.

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  • Wyn Inocentes-Aiep

    I have always been a big fan of pasta. For some reason, when I cook it, it doesn’t even come close to the real taste of Italian pasta. Perhaps it is the freshness and quality of the ingredients we use here in the Philippines. Good quality ingredients in supermarkets here are so expensive. Why does ggod food have to be price? HAHAHA

  • Mohammed Abbas

    i think the best italian food is the pasta its very delicious this the first reason make me to like italian food

  • Neysa L Custodio

    Molto delizioso!

  • Mike Rowland-Aiep

    Did you know that many classic “Italian” dishes like spaghetti and meatballs, deep dish pizza, and veal parmesan are not really Italian? They were all invented by Italian cooks in America!

    • Mike Rowland-Aiep

      That’s not to say that these dishes are not delicious, however. Only less authentic.

      • Wyn Inocentes-Aiep

        See, this is the reason why we should start saving up to visit Italia and just to eat eat eat their food.

  • سعيد محمد

    Well, Italian food is an addiction for me and literally everyone ,it’s really delicious

  • Liz Orale Aiep

    Molto delizioso!!! Italian dishes have always been one of my top favorites, and will always be. It always gives me a happy tummy! Therefore, a happy tummy leads to a happy day! Heehee 😀

  • Mariju Rosales

    Uh oh, pasta may be popularly-known from Italy, but I do not think that it originally originated there. Based on some researches, it maybe from America, or could even possibly be from a country in Asia. Nevertheless, I too, love Italian dishes, especially pizza!!

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