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In our everyday life, we often encounter situations where the need to negotiate is inevitable.  Thus, one has to develop the skills on how to negotiate effectively in order to get the best possible terms and yet beneficial to both parties.

In a negotiation, it is important that the person knows how to listen first to the other party and must have a clear understanding of the subject matter at hand.  Otherwise, people will not take you seriously and will not take time to listen to you.  Listening will give you time to assess the needs of the other party.  Do not immediately break the discussion if something is not acceptable to you; instead, listen to what the other party offers.  Understand his point of view and where he is coming from. That way, your arguments and ideas will have a better chance of acceptance to the other party.

Secondly, when presenting your views, do not be fixated on getting the best deal at all times; otherwise, the negotiation is already dead before it starts.  You must be flexible and willing to compromise the terms that are acceptable to both parties . You must highlight your commonalities instead of your differences.  This way, it will be easier for you to persuade the other party to accept your arguments.  In case you could not come up to terms to satisfy both of your needs, just refuse the deal and let the other party know that you are not yet prepared to accept the deal given the circumstance without antagonizing the other party.  Always, keep your options open.

Image Source: Google Images

Image Source: Google Images

Last but not the least, you must exhibit confidence without being arrogant. People will trust you if you are confident with yourself.  People around you would easily recognize if you are unsure of yourself.  You have to assure other people that you are trustworthy and their association with you is secured and stable.  You have to make the people dealing with you feel that you are a reliable partner.

Like any other skills, negotiation skill needs constant practice to develop.  But there are certain qualities or traits that you must possess.  These are being able to know how to listen, how to compromise, and how to be confident in yourself.  As the saying goes, “Negotiation is not a policy, it is a technique that is honed over time.”  So, keep practicing, and soon you will master the art of negotiation.  It’s now time for you to close a deal.




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  • Wyn Inocentes-Aiep

    Thank you Chris Abadicio for these tips on negotiating. Most people think that communication is just a matter of speaking well. People tend to forget that listening is also a key to communication, especially in negotiating and debating. Understanding the perspective of the other party helps our decision making processes.

    • Mike Rowland-Aiep

      You’re right. Nowadays, too many people prefer to toot their own horns than actually listen to the reasons the other side has for their position.

      • Rosdom J. Capellan

        Before toot your own horns try to listen first.

      • Reggie Meriales Aiep

        It’s actually better in negotiating if you say less first and listen more because it opens up many ways for you to approach the person you are negotiating with.

  • Reggie Meriales Aiep

    This is actually very enlightening. Especially for liars since negotiating is basically second nature. HAHA! But kidding aside, this is very useful because I usually buy and sell things I collect.

    • Mike Rowland-Aiep

      It might be a decent idea to try this stuff out when selling comics.

      • Wyn Inocentes-Aiep

        We need to do this for a class module

  • Edmond Apolo-Aiep

    This is very informative and helpful to me. Sometimes I’m having a hard time to negotiate with people. Thank you Chris Abad!

    • Rosdom J. Capellan

      This is very helpful indeed Edmond. Now I have additional knowledge about this negotiating with other people.

    • Wyn Inocentes-Aiep

      Especially with those inquisitive and scrupulous ones. If we improve, we can make more sales 🙂

  • Mazen Salah

    very nise imformation .. and helpful .. thank

    • Wyn Inocentes-Aiep

      How is it nice? Let’s see if you can apply.

  • Mohammed Abbas

    its good ways how to discuss something with your client thank you

    • Wyn Inocentes-Aiep

      I wonder if you have tried doing this with your friends or classmates.

  • Al Dane Dumpit

    this article is one of the best i ever read here. its very relevant to know about effective negotiation. thanks a lot to whom who wrote this article.

  • سعيد محمد

    Such an interesting article about getting know about negotiating with people

  • Raed Raeis Bin Mahfuth

    we should to find the correct way and exact time to make conversation and arrange our ideas.

  • Mariju Rosales

    Negotiating with people is a typical condition in the business field. I could truly agree that it takes two to tango in negotiating. One mus be able to speak fluently and the other should be attentively listening to achieve effective communication.

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