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How to be a college scholar and still enjoy life


Typically, there are three types of college students: those who either get failing grades or passing grades but enjoy life the most, those who can balance getting quite good grades and still go to parties, and those grade conscious brainiacs who live in the library and have never been to a single party before.

However, is it possible to obtain the highest possible grade and still live your life to the fullest?  As for me, I have discovered that it is possible to obtain the highest grade my university could offer and still be able to do the things I like to do. As said by Rhonda Byrne in her book, The Secret, “Decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it. Believe it’s possible for you.”   This is one of the quotes I have retained in my mind whenever there are things that I wanted to achieve in my life.  It is as simple as picturing what you want, and if you believe enough that you can have it, then you will have the willpower to do the best you can and be able to achieve it.

cf7e309ebf6284e6bbdfca29f81f7da0True enough, it is stressful for students who cannot balance studies and personal activities such as going to parties or playing computer games and studying for exams at the same time, to obtain the highest grade possible.  However, with enough discipline and willpower anything is possible.  Therefore, I would like to share three simple tips on how to be a college scholar without sacrificing enjoyment.

Set goals

As mentioned earlier, “Decide what you want”.  At the beginning of the semester, try picturing all your grades being an A or flat. Does it look too good to be true or is it attainable?  Of course it is attainable!  In the first place, it wouldn’t be included in the grading system if it isn’t.  If you don’t think an A, the highest grade, is possible for you as you had not gotten that high of a grade before, then set something more realistic, but not so low that you have such low standards.  With a specific goal embedded in your mind the whole semester, your path to your goal will not go astray because right from the beginning, you have already formed a firm resolve that whatever happens, you will achieve your goal by the end of the semester.

Create action

Goal-setting is useless without action.  You must now put your words into motion.  Do not just only say, “Oh, I want a flat 1 or an A in this subject at the end of the semester.”  You have to mean what you say! And what better way than putting your words into action. Do every homework right after you go home and had some rest, do your projects a month, or even earlier, before the deadline, study thoroughly for quizzes ,even if they are just 5-10 items, be the group leader or a good follower in class activities, raise your hand if you know the answer to a question, study for your exams and do not miss any of it.

This list above may seem hard, but the truth is, they will never barrage you if you do them one at a time, or if you do them right after they were delegated to you.  Procrastinating is awful because it is the road that will lead you to failure.

Enjoy the process

artworks-000046262657-98ae22-originalThe third tip is to have fun!  School requirements such as homework, quizzes, and projects do not come every single day, especially during the prelims.  Therefore, enjoy these times while they last because before you know it, the stressful finals is fast approaching. If you have done all the requirements from all of your subjects, then the weekends are the best days where you could go out and hang-out with your family or friends or just stay in and watch some movies or play computer games.  It is not healthy for your brain to always be stressing about school matters; you’ve already done your part by finishing them early during the weekdays, and therefore, weekends should be devoted to pampering yourself and not to let stress get the best out of you.

Having these three simple tips in mind would actually give you some inner peace at the end of the semester.  Why?  Simply because of these three things: first is you have gained new information and actually became more knowledgeable than when you first started the semester; second, you have made your family, especially your parents, happy because you are a scholar for the next semester, meaning they will not have to pay your tuition fee for the next semester, and they will actually be more proud of you; lastly, you achieved your goal in a systematic, stress free and enjoyable way.

funny-quotes-about-school-exams---cool-motivational-quotes-for-students-largest-quotes-database---fabeetle-wallpaper-hdThese simple tips on how to be a college scholar and still enjoy life, which are to set a goal, to put your words into action, and to have fun, will certainly make your school life more worthwhile.  We are in school because we value education.  For us who are fortunate to be able to go to schools or universities, we should always remember that education is your key to success.  It does not only mean that you get to be rich afterwards; it also means that your existence have somewhat became more relevant because after all the endeavors you faced you will be able to help yourself and others around you.

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  • Karizza Corpuz-Aiep

    Cool! 🙂 You can also have Full or partial scholarship by joining school organizations like University Band, Chorale, Dance Troupe, Theater Arts. Some Schools also grant Athletic Scholarships. If you’re into those kind of activities, you’ll surely have an awesome College life without breaking the bank. 🙂

    • Liz Orale Aiep

      I totally agree. Life’s made up of choices, and the choices are all in your hands. Though at a young certain age, some teens don’t realize it, but with proper parental guidance, they become knowledgeable and inspired to make the wiser choice for great achievements. Every student, I believe, knows what it takes to succeed in class, and all they need to do it just “do it” and they’ll see it’ll all be worth it when the day comes. 🙂

    • Reggie Meriales Aiep

      Yes, engaging in extra-curricular activities can help you land non-academic scholarships. It’s actually fun getting those kinds of scholarships because you’re getting a scholarship for doing something you love (apart from studying).

  • Mike Rowland-Aiep

    You know, in Saudi Arabia, the government gives full scholarships to study anywhere in the world to every Saudi subject.

    • Rosdom J. Capellan

      I heard about that and also with allowance while studying.

      • Reggie Meriales Aiep

        I wish our government would step up and give kids scholarships as well!

  • Wyn Inocentes-Aiep

    I was a proud college nerd. In fact I was a cool nerd. I had my scholarship from constantly being on the Dean’s List. At the same time, I would have great time with my friends. I partied with them and studied the next day. I had really good time management.

  • Reggie Meriales Aiep

    I almost became an academic scholar before. However, I was constantly on the Dean’s List and belonging in that list brands you as one of the nerds. It’s actually fun juggling your academic and social responsibilities (whatever those may be).

  • Wyn Inocentes-Aiep

    Scholarships should be a right of all students not just a privilege

  • Mohammed Abbas

    i think the important thing in the life in our time is the studying because if you did not study you will not know anything about your future but if you studied you will find good future

  • Al Dane Dumpit

    Sad to say I didn’t enjoyed my college life because first my course is not my choice, and second I have no choice because my parents knows what’s best for me. Hahaha and lastly they want me to study in my school in college where I don’t like to study there when I was in second year college until I graduated. But looking in the positive way, I am blessed and I thank my parents for giving me the privilege to study and had the diploma. Because not all has the privilege and many are has a struggle in life just to finish their education. Education is something you cannot borrow and cannot take away.

  • سعيد محمد

    I would love to be a college scholar actually but it really needs a lot of hard work to reach this considering you’ll be needing to manage your time carefully,So hopefully I can do it

  • Mariju Rosales

    You are an inspiration. I believe that everything can be learned with patience, focus, belief in self, and hard work. I am up in getting good grades and still going in parties or enjoying life to the fullest.

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