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Halo-halo vendor turned Assistant to the President


11303719_1000852543258274_997744843_nThe humble visage of Violeta S. Ecap, assistant to the president at Toys by Robin International Ltd., exudes simplicity as she relayed how this well-known quote “Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you,” has helped her  stay positive on her outlook on life despite the hardships she’s had to endure.

Mrs. Ecap was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She is the first born of nine children of Lina Lahom and Ricardo Salazar. Back in her younger days, she had experienced and had learned how to live a frugal life due to the scarcitydownload of their family’s financial resources. As one may imagine, and even today, it is hard to raise a child, let alone nine children. To help support her family, she used to sell halo-halo even when she was studying in school. But, all of her efforts were not enough. As a young lady whose aim is to have a proper education despite her family’s shortcomings, it was heart-wrenching to know that there was a possibility that she could not attend college. Therefore, as a last-ditch effort to pursue her dream of going to college, she moved out of her mother’s care and decided to live with her father, who resided in Manila. Despite the trouble of working while studying when she was young, she claimed that her success is because of the effort she put in her studies. True enough, she graduated at the University of Caloocan with a  Bachelor of Science degree in Business Technology major in Accountancy.

11259039_1000853216591540_308125692_nFor Ms. Ecap, living in poverty when she was young has left a great impact on her personality, that is to live a life full of compassion and humility and to treat other people as her co-equal. Poverty did not hinder her dreams rather it acted as a fuel to fire her spirit to be better than what she was. This perspective had rewarded her with a steady flow of income, comfortable way of living, and a great family.

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  • Liz Orale Aiep

    Thank you so much for sharing, Mary Claire. It sometimes takes a great challenge to overcome such hardship, it takes risks and good decision making. This kind of of story may inspire everyone, and it has certainly moved me. God bless! 🙂

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