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Full Name
Princess Jeiem Marquez Marquez

English Specialist

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts | Philippine Women’s University, Philippines

Bachelor of Laws | San Beda College, Philippines

Teacher Level
2 Years Experience
Conversation Fluency, Beginner-Advanced Grammar,
Writing, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Business English, Presentation Skills

Highlights of Qualification

Pryce aspired to be a journalist and was part of their school paper as a contributor in high school and college.  She helped spearhead the establishment of a reading center in one of the local municipalities of Manila.  Pryce started working even before graduating from college and was part of the business process outsource (BPO) industry since 2004 as a customer care associate, collections officer, technical team  support, and quality analyst.

Other Information

Pryce came from a family of educators and communicators. Her grandfather was a school head in their city, her aunts were professors in college, and her uncle was once one of the ambassadors of the Philippines.  Pryce loves to push her boundaries when it comes to learning.  She has this “can do”attitude that helps her push herself to be better and to learn.  She believes that talent may not be innate at all times, but it can be honed.  She loves to share what she knows, and she loves to listen and learn from others too.

She’s also into music, poetry, movies, writing and the arts. She loves traveling, too. She believes that the best way to experience and learn about a country’s culture is through their food. She’d rather try local cuisines than go shopping in her out of the country trips.

She likes to motivate people into doing better and improving themselves for she knows how it feels to be doing something new and being afraid to commit a mistake.  She has the tendency to extend her hand and sometimes her full arm when someone is in need.  She does not believe that just because she helped someone that they have to return the favor. For her, we help because we can.

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