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Is there a place that holds sentimental value for you?  Perhaps you’re being reminded of the playground where you used to play as a kid or the hotel where you celebrated your 18th birthday.  Or maybe you’re thinking of…


Runner’s Kitchen

Nowadays, people are often eating foods that are highly processed foods which make them unhealthy, fat, low in energy, and not to mention the associated health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, and other risk factors. In addition, food…

Features Restaurant

You’d still rather be at Gerry’s

What are the ingredients to a good restaurant that will make their customers come back?  Is it just the food, the service, the ambiance, or how reasonable the price are?  Which factors make these restaurants leave a lasting impression…


NAAB Restaurant: A Small Piece of Persia

Whenever we need to celebrate an important or special event in our life, the first thing that we have in mind is to eat in a restaurant with family, relatives, and friends. Last month my sister got promoted, so…

Other Lifestyle Restaurant

Yabu is Value for your Money

Yabu is one of the most popular Japanese restaurants.  A lot of people who want to eat tonkatsu often go to this restaurant. I also prefer this restaurant, and I go there at least once every two weeks.  Here are…

Other Lifestyle Restaurant

Italian food is very delicious

In Italy, the food  is very good, and there are many kinds food.  The most common food in Italy is pizza.  Usually, you eat pizza in the evening because at lunch, the chef does not cook it. There are…


Taiwanese food in the Philippines at Tien Ma’s

Where can we find the world’s best food?  Just recently, a CNN poll revealed that Taiwan has the best food in the world because of its simplicity. As Curnonsky said, “In cooking, as in all the arts, simplicity is…

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