WELCOME to The Five Elements, a blog and online magazine sponsored by the #1 English school in the Philippines, the American Institute for English Proficiency, which is located in Makati and Quezon City; this website also serves as your portal to a unique Online English ESL training by having access to the Philippines’ top ESL course providers.

Research has shown that the Philippines is one of the best places to learn English for many reasons, especially for its culture and environment.  English is spoken throughout the Philippines, and in fact, it is one of the two national languages (the other is Filipino) of the Philippines as stated in the Philippine Constitution.  In addition, the Philippines is a very beautiful archipelago with bustling cities such as Metro Manila, cool mountainous regions, rich historical scenery, and of course, the many sandy beaches.

To be one of the best English schools not only in Philippines, but throughout Asia, we have incorporated online and blog writing for our students.  Not only do we want our students to learn the rules of grammar, but we also want them to have a voice.  We want them to be empowered using their new-found knowledge in English and skills that they’ve learned from The American Institute.  We want them to share their ideas to others so that they can also create an impact.  We are, after all, not just an English school.  We are a thinking school.

So why do we call it The Five Elements?  In ancient Chinese philosophy, the five elements refer to wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, and if you are familiar with this philosophy, these elements represent the transformations that occur in our environment or settings.  The Five Elements, thus, is a metaphor for explaining and viewing how things relate and interact with each other.  At The American Institute, we also have The Five Elements as the foundation of our English learning: Introduction, Point One, Point Two, Point Three, and Conclusion.  Mastering The Five Elements, the American Institute version, can tremendously help our students in learning the English language since we utilize not only structural and technical modules, but also critical thinking ones.

Thus, we’d like to invite you to continue to visit The Five Elements, The American Institute student’s online blog and magazine and the online portal of all ESL students looking for excellent ESL teachers.

  • It is great to see that the students can learn both in the classroom and on a website, where they are given a chance to practice their English. This is what makes the American Institute for English Proficiency an excellent place to learn English.

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