Is there a place that holds sentimental value for you?  Perhaps you’re being reminded of the playground where you used to play as a kid or the hotel where you celebrated your 18th birthday.  Or maybe you’re thinking of a park where you had your first date, or the church where you exchanged vows with your husband.  I’m sure every one of us can think of a place that holds so much memories. As for me, one of the places that I treasure the most is Trellis.

Trellis, a restaurant located along Kalayaan Avenue, has been an essential part of our family’s special moments because we celebrate nearly all of the important events of our lives in this place. We celebrate our birthdays here: my parents’ and even us kids; when I graduated from high school and college, we invited our relatives here to celebrate one of the most important events of my student life; and whenever our relatives go home from abroad, we gather here to have our family reunion. Indeed, Trellis has been a vital part of our life.

But aside from its sentimental value, what does Trellis offer that makes it standout from other restaurants?  First of all, Trellis serves a wide range of delicious Filipino dishes.  In fact, one of the best, if not the best, pork sisig I have ever tasted in my life can be bought here for only Php 189.  It is so delicious that our family can finish up to five sisig in one sitting (we’re six in the family, by the way). That’s how delicious their sisig is.  It will make you crave for more!

Aside from sisig, you can also order sizzling pusit or squid. The aromatic sizzling pusit will surely make your mouth water. If you like soup, you can order bulalo or sinigang. For the vegetable lovers, you can order kangkong in oyster sauce, chop suey or pakbet. There is a lot more food you can choose from, and the good thing is, it is very affordable.

Moreover, the ambiance of the place is really relaxing for it is surrounded by plants and a mini fish pond.  Since it is an open space, you can inhale the fresh air while enjoying the food.  The surroundings as well as the food will really uplift your spirit. At night, the ambiance is really romantic since the place is kind of dimmed. This is really a perfect place for family, couple and friends.

So, if you want to experience eating delicious Filipino cuisine in a relaxing and romantic place, come and dine at Trellis!

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  • Reggie Meriales Aiep

    Trellis! GAWD! This is one of the best places to look for food, to be honest. I’ve had some good times there, too; with family and friends.

  • Mike Rowland-Aiep

    Sounds like a good meal. Bulalo is one of my favorite Pinoy dishes!

    • Rosdom J. Capellan

      Same here Mike. Bulalo is the best.

      • Mike Rowland-Aiep

        Indeed. In fact, I’m craving some right now…

  • Wyn Inocentes-Aiep

    So many choices of beer food! I can bring my friends here and try them out.

  • Reggie Meriales Aiep

    We should plan a chill night with students and specialist one day at this place! 😀 It sounds really fun!

    • Liz Orale Aiep

      Yes, we should, @reggiemerialesaiep:disqus! 😀 I think this place would do. 😉

      • Yes! So when is it???

        • Liz Orale Aiep

          It was supposed to be last weekend. If it doesn’t happen any time soon, I’m sure we’ll have all the time for our chill night in BORACAY! Yessss!!!!! 😀
          (Too bad @edmondapoloaiep:disqus won’t be able to make it… how sad.)

  • Liz Orale Aiep

    Thanks for the post, Angelica. I truly believe that food brings people together, and it’s always the best way to catch up and have a get together with friends or family. I shall consider paying a visit to this place soon. 🙂

    • Let’s go, Liz. Haha. I have to go easy on the rice, though. We still have to go to Boracay.

      • Liz Orale Aiep

        Haha yes, we do! And it’s just in a matter of time.. an’t believe we’ll be in Boracay again by the end of next week @aiepro:disqus! Yay!!! Half rice for you, not sure if they’ve got brown rice.. we could always improvise. 🙂

  • Mohammed Abbas

    sometimes if you have problem with someone and the you want solve the problem the best thing treat him to eat food with you thank you angelica because you talked about important topic

  • Al Dane Dumpit

    I remember the place that we used to hang out with my family even up to now is our “kubo” in the province. We used to eat lunch while having some stories about experiences and life sometimes we make fun to each other. There’s no other place like home.

  • Raed Raeis Bin Mahfuth

    i remember our street beside my home when my close friend had an accident.

  • Mariju Rosales

    I love sisig! Food makes my days brighter and lifts me up whenever things seem to not go on the way how I wanted them to be. I should try this restaurant!

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